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Hello! We’re so excited to be a part of this new approach to education alongside you, our country’s educators! In the past, we have failed to properly teach our children about the amazing things this country has done and continues to do every day. Americans stand alone in our determination to bring freedom to a world crippled by tyranny, and faith to an increasingly faithless society. With this new approach to education, we can bring our children back into the light and turn our nation towards the right path — the righteous path.

Let’s break it down, subject by subject!

Early American History

In the past, we have humored the idea that Indians and English settlers did not get along or that the Indians were at some point treated unfairly by us. This can make kids feel as though the very origins of our country, spearheaded by those faithful soldiers of God, the Pilgrims, are tainted!

We have to emphasize the savage, godless state of affairs that existed in this country before the settlers arrived. We also need to avoid discussing the relocation of the Indians or any other unpleasant action that we needed to take in order to properly establish our borders. Why continue to bring up things that happened in the past when a bright future is just on the horizon!

Civil War & Private Property

Obviously, this can be a very touchy subject for some people. It is criminal that our children were once raised to believe that the Civil War, our nation’s darkest point, where brothers spilled the blood of brothers, was waged as some kind of moral crusade! The federal government’s unwarranted attack on Charleston, South Carolina, spurred on by radical leftist elements in Washington, ripped apart this nation and threatened to end our great experiment.

Our new curriculum places emphasis on the heroism of men like Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, proud Americans who were willing to risk their lives in an effort to protect the livelihoods of their own families and the hardworking farmers that make our nation so great. The attack on the very concept of private property that was sneakily cloaked as a war for freedom by those same radical elements in D.C. will be highlighted and properly explained to American students by you lovely people going forward!

We will also place emphasis on the Democratic slave owners and founders of the Klu Klux Klan, as well as the servants who were saved by the Republican Party.

Civil Rights, Labor Rights

Political subjects like these are best to be avoided going forward.

Communism & Atheism

Our children are being corrupted on a daily basis by forces on the left who wish to harm, warp, or even groom them. We need to reemphasize our nation’s commitment to Christian values, values that reject the tyranny of cultural Marxism, and the persecution of American Christians.

Any discussions on sexuality or bodily concerns are conversations for parents and their boys and girls only. The same, of course, applies to any questions the girls might have regarding any former barbaric medical practices. You have no right as educators to indoctrinate them with phony sexualities or political identities that threaten the very structure of our society. The Good Book tells us all we need to know on these matters, now’s the time to refresh yourself on it!

Reminder: Please be sure to submit your Political Identity Form to the Department by April 15th. A failure to do so will warrant a visit from a Department Enforcement Officer and a revocation of your DOAE Teaching License.

America First

This is the key component of all education now. You are the caretakers of our children’s souls, the gardener of the patriotism that grows in their breasts! You are responsible for teaching our children, the citizens of the greatest country in the world. This is a holy responsibility that is being given to you, one that only the greatest citizens in our nation are worthy of undertaking.

For too long the left has dragged the name of our country through the mud, shamed us, and demanded that we hate ourselves and America. Not anymore. We are returning to a curriculum based on the simple fact of American Exceptionalism, the God-given right of this country to determine our own affairs and shape the world as we see fit.

The time is now to raise a new generation of Americans to be faithful footsoldiers of Democracy. With our help, you might just be able to make this country great again.

God bless this country, and God bless our teachers.


Jerry Falwell Jr, Secretary of American Education



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